The laboratory of "Medical and physics researches" cooperates actively with other scientific both practical divisions and laboratories inside MONIKI. The most part of scientific researches is carried out together with doctors on the basis of their departments within the frames of scientific themes of these divisions. This piece of works is represented to be the most alive, actual and interesting since mentions not only essential and unresolved problems of a medical and medical-physical science as a whole, but also assumes a real practical work in natural conditions of clinics with real patients at MONIKI. Since the moment of the laboratory creation, the most intensive cooperation has been established with the following departments:
     - Radiology;
     - Endocrinology;
     - Endoscopy;
     - Professional pathologies;
     - Otorhinolaryngology;
     - Children's surgery;
     - Neurology;
     - Haemocorrection and a hemodialysis;
     - Maxillofacial surgery;
     - Physiotherapy and rehabilitation;
     - Ophthalmology;
     - Neurosurgery.
     Close interaction also is adjusted with clinical-diagnostic laboratory, microbiology laboratory, computer department, patent-information department of MONIKI, etc. Totally, today researches are conducted within the limits of 12 various fragments of planned themes and research of 5 basic directions of general scientific search at MONIKI.