Our laboratory of medical and physics researches cooperates actively with other scientific both practical medical divisions and scientific laboratories inside MONIKI. A part of scientific studies is carried out together with doctors on the basis of their departments within the frames of scientific themes of these divisions. This piece of works is represented to be the most alive, actual and interesting since mentions not only essential and unresolved problems of medical and(or) medical-physical science as a whole, but also assumes a real practical work in a natural condition of different clinics with real patients. Since the moment of the laboratory creation, the most intensive cooperation in 2009-2020 years has been established with the following departments:
     - Radiology;
     - Endocrinology;
     - Endoscopy;
     - Professional pathologies;
     - Otorhinolaryngology;
     - Children's surgery;
     - Neurology;
     - Maxillofacial surgery;
     - Physiotherapy and rehabilitation;
     - Ophthalmology;
     - Neurosurgery.
     Close interaction also was adjusted with clinical-diagnostic laboratory, microbiology laboratory, computer department, patent-information department of MONIKI, etc. In general, during the indicated period of time, the laboratory staff have performed, together with other departments, about 70 different R&D projects and fragments of clinical studies. In cooperation with our laboratory, with the use of our non-invasive optical methods and devices, about 10 candidate and doctoral dissertations have been defended by other institute's doctors and research fellows, in addition to the laboratory staff's dissertations.

     Starting from 2021, the number of scientific departments in the institute was reduced. In particular, the department of radiology was closed, on the clinical basis of which for many years studies were carried out to predict the effectiveness of radiation therapy and chemoradiation treatment of malignant tumours of the oral cavity using non-invasive laser diagnostic methods. Accordingly, the number of scientific projects and interaction with departments in our laboratory has also decreased. Nevertheless, scientific interaction and the implementation of joint R&D continues with the departments:
     - Dermatology;
     - Therapeutic endocrinology;
     - Cardiovascular surgery;
     - Cardiology;
     - Otorhinolaryngology
     and with a number of other departments and laboratories.

     Our last joint development with the leading transfusiologist of MONIKI and a unique person, MD, prof. A.V. Kildyushevsky became a new device for the cellular photoimmunotherapy "KIT-A", which received in November 2021 the registration certificate No. RZN 2021/15867 from Roszdravnadzor for the usage of the device in practical medicine throughout the Russian Federation. "Medical ultraviolet blood irradiator for selective photophysical exposure" KIT-A "" was created jointly with JSC "Cyclone-Test" and was protected by the RF patent No.176288 dated from 09.21.2017. It is intended for ultraviolet exposure of nucleic acids during their transcription and replication in the treatment of patients with malignant and autoimmune diseases, in particular, T-cell lymphomas of skin.

Fig.1. Medical device for the cellular photoimmunotherapy "KIT-A".