The Laboratory consists of a number of scientific groups, department of experimental animals (vivarium), group of the technical personnel, laboratorians and other subordinated middle- and low-qualificated medical personnel. Head of the Laboratory is Dr. Dmitry Alekseevich Rogatkin, Ph.D. in physics & mathematics, as well as Sci. Dr. in Technical sciences, one of the leading medical physicists in Russia. In the Laboratory, all scientific work in the department of experimental animals and the scientific group of nanotechnology and biosafety is headed by the skilled expert, Ph.D. in biological sciences, the leading scientific employee in the Laboratory, Dr. Elena Nikolaevna Petritskaya. Direct daily care of animals in the Laboratory is provided by Alla Andreevna Rudakova – the deserved and senior worker of the MONIKI’s vivarium - together with veterinary doctor Nataliya Olegovna Koval' and vivarium attendants (laboratory assistants) Viktor Adol'fovich Borshinskiy, Ludmila Leonidovna Zavisho and Kseniya Sergeevna Krygina.The head nurse Ludmila Vasil'evna Sorokina supervises over the work of vivarium's workers. A group of researchers in the direction of regenerative medicine and experimental clinical research collaboration with other research departments of our Institute is headed by a Ph.D., Scientific Secretary of our Institute, medical doctor Dr. Dmitriy Aleksandrovich Kulikov. In profile groups of different areas of our research a number of young research fellows work, namely: specialist in medical equipment, senior researcher, Ph.D. Denis Grigorievich Lapitan, researcher, medical doctor Aleksey Andreevich Glazkov, young researcher, medical doctor Polina Aleksandrovna Kulikova, young researcher, medical physicist Irina Andreevna Raznitcina, young researcher, zoologist Alexandra Leonidovna Ivlieva. Senior laboratory assistant, physiologist Dariya Sergeevna Selivanova, senior laboratory assistance, veterinary expert Mariya Vladimirovna Lopatina, senior laboratory assistance, post-graduate student Mikhail Makmatov-Rys', as well as medical laboratorian-assistant Faina Fedorovna Serenko, engineer-technician Nadezhda Viktorovna Smirnova, engineer, Ph.D. Andrey Petrovich Tarasov and technicians Anastasiya Gerjik together with Anastasiya Parnovskaya assist all of them with their daily work.

    The laboratory list of staff totals an order of 30 rates, that corresponds to the level of leading foreign laboratories of a similar profile in the most developed countries all over the world. The part of rates while remains vacant ("the Vacancy" section see), and we will be glad to the new worthy employees, wishing to work in our laboratory. Write us, we will reply to everyone.