Laboratory research staff, led by the Scientific Secretary of the Institute, Ph.D., associate professor Dmitry Alexandrovich Kulikov, won two new grants for 2020-2021. The first grant was won as a part of a competition for the best basic research projects carried out by leading youth groups (RFBR "Stability" competition). Our project "Studying the processes of photo - and chrono-aging of skin using optical methods" (no.20-32-70134) was supported. The project should identify the most sensitive and specific optical criteria that characterize degenerative changes occurring in the skin under the influence of various chronic external and internal factors. The second grant is a grant from the President of the Russian Federation for the state support of young Russian scientists. The project "Reactivity of skin microcirculation in patients with diseases that increase the risk of cardiovascular events" was submitted for this competition. It is aimed at studying the relationship between the skin microcirculation and cardiovascular risks. Congratulations!