On Wednesday, December 22, junior researcher of our laboratory Irina Raznitsyna successfully defended her Ph.D. thesis "Development of a non-invasive method for quantitative assessment of tissue reactions to radiation exposure in animals and humans based on in vivo optical spectroscopy", presented for the degree of candidate of physical and mathematical sciences on the specialty 03.01.01 - Radiobiology. Scientific advisers: Doctor of Technical Sciences Dmitry Rogatkin and Doctor of Biological Sciences Irina Lebedenko. The defense took place at the Dissertation Council MSU.02.11 of Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosov. The applicant made a report at a very high scientific level. It was noted by many members of the Dissertation Council. The voting result is unanimously in favor. Congratulations! The Chairman of the Council suggested that the applicant could fast prepare the next doctoral dissertation on this basis. Some members of the Council and colleagues from Moscow State University participating in the defense jokingly expressed the opinion after the event that “it’s not very decent today “to make” such strong candidates, because they say, others will look very poor against such a background ...” (7 years of research, 31 publications, including Q1 and Q2 journals, three patents for inventions, and a really created prototype of a new device). As a commentary of the supervisor: "I do not think that the bar should be lowered under any conditions. It must be constantly raised slowly. Only then there will be a progress in science and society, only then there will be real scientists and real scientific results in the country." Now, from 2022, in our laboratory all key young researchers - doctors, engineers and medical physicists - will have PhD degrees.