From June 2nd to June 6th in Troitsk (Moscow) there took place the next VI Troitsk conference "Medical Physics and Innovations in Medicine" (TCMPH-6). With laboratory participation the 5 reports that made about 2% of all reports presented at conference were submitted.
1. A. Glazkov, D.Kulikov, A. Dreval, A. Atamanchuk, Yu. Kovaleva, V. Shumskiy, D. Rogatkin “Development of noninvasive method for blood microcirculation disorders diagnostics in diabetic patients”;
2. Kulikov D.A., Rogatkin D.A., Bychenkov O.A., Lapitan D.G., Shumsky V.I. “Application of modern data on human brain structure and functioning for robotics”;
3. Lapitan D.G., Rogatkin D.A., Milischinsky E.M. “Formation of false spectrum in the signal processing circuit of laser Doppler flowmetry devices series  “LAKK””;
4. S.G. Tereschenko, ?.?.Lukina, L.G. Lapaeva, ?.V. Velikanov, ?.?.?itaeva,  D.?. Rogatkin, U.I.Zaxarov, D.G. Lapitan “The capabilities of laser Doppler flowmetry in prediction of the risk of development of bleeding at endoscopic polypectomy”;
5. A.N. Anciferova , Yu.P. Buzulukov, V.A. Demin,  D.A. Rogatkin, E.N. Petritskaya, L.F. Abaeva “Transportation of silver nano-particles through blood-brain barrier of mammalian” (together with National research centre «Kurchatov institute»).