On Friday 29.01.2021 at MONIKI, chaired by the deputy Director for Science and International Relations, Doctor of Medical Sciences, prof. E.P. Kakorina, the intramural-distance and one-day scientific-practical conference (seminar) "A new comprehensive non-invasive technology for assessing central and peripheral hemodynamics in patients with a therapeutic profile" held. The event was organized jointly by MONIKI and JSC "ELAMED" and was dedicated to the completion of a two-center (MONIKI named after M.F.Vladimirskiy, Moscow, and Almazov National Medical Centre, St. Petersburg) scientific and clinical study with a new prototype of the device for non-invasive rapid assessment of vascular complications of diabetes. The medical and physical foundations of this technology were considered, the clinical results of a two-center study were reported, the prospects for the creation on the basis of this technology of unique new domestic medical products based on ELAMED JSC production platform were discussed. During the break, the device was demonstrated. It has been shown that the new device today, with an accuracy of about 80%, based on non-invasive (in vivo) optical measurements, makes it possible to classify subjects into three groups in 10 minutes: a group of conditionally healthy, a group with moderate vascular complications and a group of patients with severe complications of diabetes in the form of a diabetic foot. The hall was attended by leading experts and professors of MONIKI in the field of endocrinology, therapy, cardiovascular surgery, cardiology, functional diagnostics and a number of other branches of medicine, about 20 people in total. The invited external experts arrived: prof. V.A. Duvanskiy, prof. A.N. Rogoza, prof. L.V. Nedosugova and others. About 80 more people took part remotely - the conference was broadcasted openly on the Internet. In the final part, all invited experts, as well as a number of leading experts from MONIKI, took the floor as a discussion. All of them unequivocally highly appreciated the technology as well as, conducted scientific and clinical research, and also expressed a number of criticisms and proposals for the future. Conference photos one can find in the photo-gallery.