A thematic issue of the journal "Quantum Electronics" (volume 51 (5), 2021), devoted to diagnostic technologies and biophotonics devices, was released. Our laboratory took part in the formation and selection of articles. The articles presented in this issue do not cover the entire range of research in our country in this area, but reflect some advanced approaches, ideas and technologies that may be of interest to a large part of readers, as well as a wide range of problems that exist and have not yet been fully resolved in the subject area. The articles are presented by a number of leading institutions and research groups in our country (IAP RAS, GPI RAS, Federal Research Center "Crystallography and Photonics" RAS, our Institute MONIKI named after Vladimirsky), which are aimed specifically at creating a new instrumental and methodological support for diagnostics. The contents of the issue can be found on the website of the journal "Quantum Electronics" by the link: https://www.turpion.org